CNG Dispenser Technology

The innovative technology developed by Compac ensures world-class performance, accuracy and safety for your dispenser.

KG80 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Using the Compac KG80 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter will bring some major improvements to the performance of your dispenser:601.jpg

  • No Calibration Drift – The dispenser automatically resets the zero point
  • Large Flow Range – The KG80 meter is accurate over the range 1-100kg/min and has been approved to the latest OIML standard: “Compressed Gaseous Fuel Measuring Systems for Vehicles”.
  • Meter Any Gas or Liquid – The mass flow measurement is independent of gas composition, humidity, temperature and pressure

Compac KG80 Meters are the most accurate CNG mass flow meters in the world. Compac has achieved a major advance in technology through the development of the KG80 Meter and its integration with the C4000 Electronic Head.

The KG80 Meter is a true mass flow meter using the physics of Coriolis forces to accurately determine mass flow. The KG80 Meter is self-characterising so that there is no meter set up and no measurements to be taken during commissioning.

The KG80 Meter has a rated working pressure of 275 bar (350 bar optional) and a burst pressure in excess of four times the working pressure. Compac has chosen the highest quality tubing and introduced some innovative manufacturing techniques to eliminate tube stress and corrosion over the life of the meter.

Hydraulic Module

Compac hydraulic components are made of pressure grade stainless steel for superior performance and corrosion resistance. They are batch numbered with traceability to material certificates and production runs. This ensures the correct grades of materials are used and the ratings of the valves can be guaranteed.

All hydraulic components have been independently tested and third party analysed to verify their structural safety.

All valves are assembled at Compac under strict quality procedures. These procedures have been audited and enable Compac to CE mark the valves.

The valves are designed to be reliable and easily serviced without removing pipework.

Filter Check Valves602.jpg

  • An integrated filter with dual outlet and built-in check valves
  • Each filter contains a high quality coalescing filter element
  • Capable of flow rates in excess of 50kg per minute

Solenoid Valves

  • Pilot operated
  • Opens at more than two times working pressure
  • Closes with zero differential pressure
  • Bubble tight shut-off
  • Capable of flow rates in excess of 50kg per minute

Regulator Valves

  • Bubble tight shut-off
  • Tamper proof
  • Adjustable range from 180 to 275 bar

C4000 Electronic Head

603.jpgCompac C4000 is a highly accurate electronic head designed to control and manage the dispenser. The KG80 meter and all other electronic components plug directly into the C4000, which processes and calculates all required information.

During set-up and calibration, all parameters for the dispensers are set in the C4000.

The power supply for C4000 is housed in a separate flameproof, waterproof enclosure. This ensures additional safety to the dispenser and C4000 should any electrical fault occur.

Our Electronic Modules provide a world class, superior performance for your dispenser and include the following components:

  • KG80 Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
  • C4000 Micro-Processor Controller
  • C4000 Power Supply in a flameproof, waterproof enclosure
  • Three line displays with backlighting
  • Wiring loom including push-to-start and push-to-stop buttons

Three Way Valve

604.jpgCompac's CNG Three Way Valve will guarantee you top performance and reliable refuelling, every time.

The Compac Three Way Valve has been developed exclusively by Compac's team of experienced engineers, to perform to the highest standards in gas flow control. Simply attach the valve to any type of CNG hose to give you and your customers an easy and reliable fill, every time.

This newly improved model has added features such as; stainless steel body, a larger handle, smoother turning action and more rigorous quality control, ensuring a longer lasting and improved overall performance of the Three Way Valve.

Advantages of using the Compac Three Way Valve:

  • Reliable and user-friendly
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • High flow, giving you a faster fill
  • Fast, easy and affordable to service
  • Robust construction, for a longer product lifespan

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