USB Fuel Management

USB fuel management diagram

Easy data management with USB FMS.

The USB FMS is part of Compac's stand-alone Fuel Management solutions. A range of authorisation options are available. Then using USB data transfer you can manage transactions, card and pricing. No software installation is required.

The USB Fuel Management System

  • Removes the need for complex computer software. Simply connect your authorised USB stick to the PC in order to display past transactions in an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet
  • Can hold up to 4000 transactions
  • Can upload new card data - add or remove cards/users from the system as required
  • Latest encryptions used for added security, so that only a USB stick as authorised by you has ability to download your transactions
  • Simple ‘Plug and Play’ procedures

Features of the USB FMS Excel Report

  • Add or remove users via any type USB stick (authorised by you)
  • Saves transactions as an Excel file, directly to the USB stick

Allows You to View

  • Vehicle
  • User
  • Location
  • Time and date
  • Amount dispensed
  • Product used

USB Card & Card User Administration

USB Retrieving & Analysing Transactions

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