Site Monitor with CompacOnline

Compac’s Site Monitor connects to dispensers for easy monitoring & management of site.

Connect your dispensers to a Site Monitor and use CompacOnline for 24/7 fuel management.

Main Features

  • Adjust Pump Pricing - select the price you want and when you want this to change
  • View Transactions - view the transactional data by dispenser, site or network.
  • View Faults - view the faults and error code data by dispenser, site or network.
  • Run Reports - export information from CompacOnline in PDF or Excel format


  • Remote Access - allows you to manage your site 24/7, from anywhere with internet access
  • User-Friendly - very little skill or training required to use CompacOnline
  • No Software Hassles - no software to install or maintain, saves you time and computer memory, and you are not limited to having to use the same computer every time
  • Keeps your Data Safe - no need to worry about your computer crashing and losing data as everything is stored on a secure server and backed up
  • Secure - access our Secure Data Centre only over SSL (HTTPS)
  • Easy Fault Finding - See at a glance the status of your dispenser network. Keep your network at maximum performance with help from event reports.

Security is our Priority

  • All data is stored in our secure data centre
  • Access is only over SSL (HTTPS) with logon and password
  • Strong passwords are required and can be changed according to required security level
  • A role matrix is used to limit functionality for particular users, for example set price cannot be changed by an unauthorised person

How much does it cost?
There is a one-off cost for the Site Monitor Box hardware. CompacOnline has low monthly running fees, and a one-off set up charge. For further information on pricing and features specific to your business requirements, please fill in the form below.

Connection Options

  • ADSL broadband
  • 3G Wireless broadband
  • Satellite broadband
  • Your local area network (LAN)

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